User Groups Guide to Keeping the Community Centre Safe for All

A comprehensive deep cleaning programme has been implemented to ensure that the building is sanitised and safe for users on the reopening of the facilities. Your co-operation is now required to help us maintain the cleanliness for your group and ALL other group users.

A cleaning solution will be provided for the sanitisation of all areas used by the group at the end of the session. To make this as simple as we can the process is to apply a fine mist of the product onto all main touch points such as door handles, kitchen surfaces, chairs etc which can be left to dry naturally if there is a period of time between group changeovers. If not then please use paper towels.

Sanitising light switches and plug sockets, apply the product directly on to a paper towel and gently wipe the switch or socket area ensuring that the paper towel is only lightly misted and not “wet” to protect from electric shock.

Toilet facilities can also be lightly misted and left to dry naturally (or paper towel used if necessary).

Floors: a light misting of the product over the floor area which is left to “dwell” for 2 minutes and then use the microfibre mop to clean the floor. When the cleaning process is finished please place the microfibre mop head in to the bucket (supplied).

It is recommended that anyone who may be sensitive to cleaning solutions wears a mask and gloves as a precautionary measure.

Any used paper towels should be placed in a black bin bag and tied securely. These should be stored in a safe place for 72 hours before being placed in the landfill recycling bins.

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