Conditions of Hire

1. All applications for the hire of Community Spaces Northampton (CSN) for either one or more engagement must be made online or in writing on the attached form and returned on completion at least 14 days before the engagement is due to take place to: –

Community Spaces Northampton
Unit 1, St Crispin Community Centre
St Crispin Drive, Northampton, NN5 4GJ

The person named on the booking shall be considered to be the hirer. Where a promoting organisation is named in the application for hire, that organisation shall be jointly and severally liable hereon with the person who signs the form. To cancel a booking, notice must be made in writing (via e-mail to ) to Mo Sonnie a full seven days prior to the event. Failure to observe this condition will result in the forfeiture of the hiring fee.

2. The hiring fee must be paid at the time of booking unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Management Committee (i.e. a monthly account payable in advance). Please note that the CSN team act for and on behalf of the Management Committee in all aspects of running the Centre.

3. The Management Committee reserve the right to refuse any application for hire, and may cancel a hiring by giving 7 days notice to the hirer. The Management Committee shall incur no liability to the hirer other than for the return of any fee paid by the hirer in respect of the cancelled engagement. Community Spaces Northampton shall not be liable for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of electricity supply, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God, which may cause the building to be closed or the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.

4. The hirer may not sub-let the premises or any part thereof. Should they do so, or attempt to do so, the hiring will stand cancelled, all charges paid shall be forfeited and the hirer and sub-hirer(s) excluded from the premises. If the premises are used for any purpose other than the purpose stated on the booking form the booking may be terminated forthwith.

5. No equipment/property belonging to Community Spaces Northampton may be removed from the centre without the written consent of the CSN team. The hirer is responsible
for the care of all equipment/fixtures/fittings/décor within the centre for the duration of the hire period. The hirer is also responsible for anyone they admit to the centre. Any
items missing or damaged (intentionally or accidentally) will be charged for, along with an administration fee of £15.00.

6. The staff of Community Spaces Northampton reserve the right of free entry to any parts of the building during your hire period.

7. Under no circumstance will the Management Committee make good or accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage or theft or loss of any property, goods,
articles or things whatsoever placed, deposited, brought into or left upon the premises either by hirer for his use or purposes or by any other person, or left or deposited with any official of the Management Committee and the hirer must indemnify and hold the Management Committee, and its officers harmless in respect thereof;

8. The hirer shall be liable for and shall indemnify the Management Committee in respect of any loss or damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or happen to the hirer or any person or persons in his employ or any of his sub-contractors or by or to any other persons resorting to the premises during the hiring.

9. No alcohol shall be brought into the building for consumption or sale without the express written consent of the CSN team. No alcohol shall be sold without the hirer lodging an occasional licence (obtained from the licensing authorities) with the CSN team prior to the start of the booking.

10. Should you wish to play recorded copyrighted music you need to obtain a PPL Licence from Phonographic Performance Limited prior to your booking. No-one may use the premises for any event such as dancing or public music playing which would require a public performance entertainment licence.

11. No animals (other than guide dogs for the blind or hearing dogs for the deaf) are permitted in the building.

12. Completing risk assessments for the activities undertaken during the hiring of the building is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

13. The maximum capacity figure on the booking form must not be exceeded. Any hirer found to have overcrowded the premises will have their booking terminated forthwith. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that they understand the fire alarm procedures (displayed within the building) and are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate numbers of responsible adults to ensure that the building is evacuated efficiently in the
event of the alarms sounding.

14. All activities involving children or vulnerable people need to be governed by a suitable child/vulnerable person policy, which must to be shown to the Management Committee before the booking will be accepted.

15. No hirer shall undertake any activity in contravention of the law relating to betting, gaming and lotteries.

16. No items are to be left for storage in the building without the written consent of the CSN team.

17. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the building is left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of their hire period. The times/hours booked includes the time for setting up before you start and tidying up afterwards. All rubbish must be removed from the Centre (and the surrounding area). Failure to remove rubbish will incur an additional charge of £5 per bag.

18. As with all public buildings, it is against the law to smoke in Community Spaces Northampton’s buildings. Anyone found in contravention of the law will have their booking terminated immediately.

19. Please ensure your group does not disturb the neighbours. Keep doors and windows closed if you are playing music. Please do not congregate outside the building after your booking, leave the area as quickly and quietly as possible – thank you.


We hope that you enjoy your use of the building and that you leave it in a tidy and secure condition at the end of your hire period.


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